пятница, 24 марта 2017 г.

First day in school

Tuesday was my first day in school. I met other teachers and spent little bit time in a kitchen with year three students. I watched their work and communicated with them.
I talked to other young teacher Helen and we shared experiences with her. After that the teacher of waiters did for me a little guide to there restaurant.
We had a lunch with Anna and after school I visited the local museum of Saab cars and walked little bit in the city.

Meeting with Anna..

On Monday we met with Anna. She helped us pick up our luggage, for which I am very grateful to her. Anna immediately made a very good impression on me. She was very friendly and nice to us.
After the trip to the airport for our luggage Anna held a short excursion to the places of practice for me and students (Nikita and Viktoria).
The first one was restaurant Nova, where we met with Monica - chef of the Nova. Second place was Swania restaurant and there we talked to chef Frederik. 
Anna also showed to us some beautiful places in Trollhätan. I don't gonna write much about this all and just add some pictures.

Day of arrival

We arrived to Sweden 19.03 on Sunday. It was quite long and tiring day. We had two flights and we were in Gothenburg late enough. Our first day was not without adventures, cause we arrived to Gothenburg, but our baggage reminded in Stockholm. We were little bit nervous and disappointed about this. Happily, this problem was solved already the next day. 

About me..

Hello everybody, who read this blog. My name is Julia and I'm a cooking teacher in Narva branch of Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre. This is the largest VET school in the town of Narva offering a wide range of vocational courses.

I'm working as a teacher already more than year and now I have a good opportunity to go to Sweden to have some practice and meet new people.

I'll be in small swedish town, named Trollhätan 19.03-25.03 and have an intership in our partner school.

воскресенье, 12 марта 2017 г.

Курсы по созданию и ведению блога. 1 и 2 урок.

16 марта 2017 г. состоятся два аудиторных урока по курсу  "Создание и ведение блога", уроки ведёт Ольга Лаар. 

Тема первого урока: функции блога, использование шаблонов, добавление гаджетов в блог. Создание новостей и их публикация.
Задание: создать аккаунт в Google, подтвердить запрос на регистрацию в блоге. 

Тема второго урока: добавление сообщения, фото и видео.
 Управление правами (авторы, подписчики, читатели). Настройка комментариев. 

Самостоятельная работа: 
1. Написать в блог свое первое сообщение  из 3-4 предложений (приветствие, краткая информация о себе). В этом же сообщении добавить свою фотографию, используя иконку  "Вставить изображение" на панели инструментов.

2. Вставить любой видеоролик (например из Youtube), используя инструмент "Вставить видеоролик".
3. Добавить активную ссылку на какую-либо интересную и важную для вас информацию, используя иконку "Ссылка" (например о вашем хобби, о вашей будущей профессии или о месте, которое вы мечтаете посетить или уже посетили)
Не забудьте нажать кнопку PUBLISH - опубликовать сообщение.